been playing “the writer” again

some new poems.

it’s only taken 3 years.

MBTA blues

by JM

nothing is more satisfying

than the clicking sound

of this zippo lighter


and smoking the



of the day.

i breathe out a sigh and look

at the sky

who will wash away my happiness today?

the beggar who asked for a cigarette

with one lit in his mouth

at the stop

or the bus who’s air conditioner

confronted us with our


and leaked fluid on all the seats

on the right side

left exhausted clouds

on the first hot day of the year



by JM

my friend is a burden

the burden is a holeĀ in my heart

a friend is a head ache

a leech on the crown

of the brain

my friend

never calls

a friend

will let you down

shine or rain
simple and plain.

tied to you by chance

and circumstance

though it would be lovely

to pick them like cherries

from a tree

tiresome is my friend

stale and empty

a gimmick

an obsolete trend

the air I breathe

I hold it in



won’t feed

a friend

in need

the cruelty of 21st century technology.

by JM

i can see you

when i should not be able too

you insult me

with every new boyfriend

what kind of cruelty

has man unleashed on itself?

that he can watch

the woman he once loved

from a screen

far away

and pine

and wonder

where they are in the real world

out there in the night

laying down the same kind of love

like brick

on a new foundation

oh but it can only be new for so long

i wish

that it will quickly fall

so you may see to the ruins

you’ve made


oh won’t you come rebuild me?

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One Response to been playing “the writer” again

  1. Jenna Austin says:

    make this a song if you haven’t already….

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