I might be related to Benjamin Franklin

I’ve always been fascinated with my ancestry. I don’t know much about the Morrill’s, I know that we came here in 1632 in a ship that followed the Mayflower.

Oh my god…. Best Coast was just in a Pay-less commercial….

Anyway. I did a Wikipedia search for “Morrill”. I was shocked to find that 9 out of the 14 notable “Morrills” were from New England. They are as follows:

Anson P. Morrill– Governor of Maine and U.S. Congressman
David L. Morril Governor of New Hampshire and U.S. Senator
John Morrill– Baseballl player for Boston Beaneaters
Justin Smith Morrill– U.S. Senator from Vermont
Lot M. Morrill- Governor of Maine, U.S. Senator
Mary Morrill- early Nantucket Settler, (grandmother of Benjamin Franklin!)
Samuel P. Morrill– U.S. Congressman from Maine
Amos Morrill– United States Federal Judge, born in Salisbury Massachusetts.
Walter Goodale Morrill– Medal of Honor Recipitent, born in Williamsburg, Maine.
that accounts for MOST of the Morrill’s that turned up in the search… all w/ roots in New England.
I was really surprised by the Mary Morrill one. Grandmother of Benjamin Franklin? Roots in NANTUCKET?? Governors, Senators, recipients of the Medal of Honor? All from either Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I’d love to dig deeper into this subject someday.
Also, I recently learned that the “M” in “B&M Baked Beans” stands for “Morrill”.
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