i’m too lazy to write, so i’ll tell my story with pictures. this is stuff thats been happening. faces that have been seen. shows that have been played. 

thats me in Salem.

this is a Ferris Wheel in downtown Salem.

these are tickets to see GBV. Yes. I’m going. Yes. I know. I know.

this is me and Henry… on Henry’s 3rd Birthday Oct. 22nd! Aww I love him. look at him.

a lunch I made.

Pure Impact Reunion @ the Joe Zippo Benefit show. Unbelievable experience. I saw faces I hadn’t seen in years. Totally awesome turn out, people were going nuts, singing along… I wasn’t even aware that so many people knew the words!

Stars Above was also there to play our 90’s influenced alternative punk power-pop indie emo-fi.

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