Now I’m Chicago.

the following was cut from my Captains log

captains log

1:09 AM, Rhode Island.

We have just made our first stop. we are pulled over in a Toys R Us parking lot, at a picnic table making sandwiches. We are going to Chicago; Lollapalooza, specifically. Spirits are high and things are going good so far. Emma and Mad are pushing each other around in shopping carts.. which is fucking classic. This is going to be a fun trip.

3:00 AM  We’re at a road stop in New Haven, CT. Everyones a little tired. Our next destination is the clinic in Allentown, PA. So… Yeah. Thats it.

3:30 AM. Still at the truck stop, just ate a big breakfast at mcdonalds. we’re getting ready to roll out and roll on. nigga boo. u know how i do…..  Yeah, I’m starting to  lose it.

Thursday, 9:54 AM.

We are stopped in the parking lot of a Rite Aid. We bough some frozen treats and candy bars. At the rate we’re going the GPS is telling us we’ll be at the hotel by 7:00 PM. We still have to drive clear through Ohio and Indiana. Tensions are a bit high. I’ve been driving for the past 5 hours and have gotten NO sleep. we’re taking lots of pictures and having lots of laughs though. I already got dosed in Allentown, PA. The clinic was really nice. It looked like someones house. Nice lush green lawns. It wasn’t sandwiched between a dump and a sewage treatment facility like the one I go to. Anyway we are just here at the parking lot having Wisespride and crackers and whatnot. About to hit the road again. I really wan’t to hit up the ROck n ROll HOF on the way back, but we’ll see. I’m just hoping for good times. Hoping everyone can get along and love each other, at least just for these few days together. I have nothing more to say. Captains Log, out.

11:20 AM

First bummer of the trip. I left my wallet at that Rite Aid we were at. Crying, bitching and moaning ensued. I’m so tired; I want to cry. I feel like they all hate me now. I clearly ruined the trip. i hope my moneys still in the wallet……..

<backtracked about a half hour, wallet was at the Rite-Aid. In fact they put it in a safe so nothing could happen to it. money was in it.  no big deal. nice people in PA.>

Thursday, 1:20 PM.

So… what the fuck. Girls cant drive. Thats just fact. for real. fact. all these other people i’m with have already slept, albeit minute amounts of sleep, but nonetheless, i am the only one to have not nodded out, i should drive. anyway we’re sitting here at a rest-stop that features a Sbarro and other stuff. I’m siting at a table thats kind of starbucks esque. In fact there is a Starbucks here. I plan on getting a coffee. I’m anxious. I’ve been eating Ativan and smoking weed but im still a litle uptight. We’re almost to Ohio. God just let Ohio be coming. UGH. I want internet. I want to see where the nearest Steak and Shake is. I want this bull shit to end. I want to have fun. I am having fun. I am…. I’m at rest-stop in western PA.  gotta go.

4:17. PM. THursday

the driving is endless. i don’t know how why we’ve made it this far.  people are grinding gears and we need some fucking SPACE already. WE’re about to go to Steak And Shake. Iiiiggghhh… could be worse, though. my thoughts on steak and shake up next

8:21 (our time), 6:21 Chicago time.

We just realized that we lost, or gained, however your looking at it, hours. The GPS tells us we’ll be there by 12:00 AM. but really we’ll be there by 10 PM. Tensions were high but now that we are seeing signs for Chicago we are in better spirits. Andrew wont stop yapping about money and who’s going to pay for what. i just want to get to the fucking hotel AND SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! you have no idea. I really didn’t know what i was in for. really… didn’t. In retrospect, Steak And Shake wasn’t that great…. :l

Saturday, 3:02 AM

Ok. So today was absolutely amazing. I freaked out last night but everything is fine now.  I got to see Wavves and they fucking kicked ass. I got to meet them and get there autographs as well and I gave them a copy of my demo. At first the guy went to sign it, but i was like “No man, thats for you guys, thats yours”. They actually seemed pretty grateful. They were cool dudes. We also saw Devo, Jimmy Cliff and the Strokes. On top of the molly i took, I was able to score some mushrooms, LSD, and weed. so far so good.

tommorow we got Against Me, Green Day, Social D, MGMT.. lots of others. gonna be a craaaazzy.

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