The youth of today has some serious problems. I am only 24 but i feel there is a huge generation gap between me and the younger kids of today. Back in my day the “individual” existed. We did things like make zines and put on shows at churches, Park and Rec centers, schools, parking lots, whatever. Anywhere we could find a place to play, we played. We did other cool stuff too. Me and my friends created a zine called “Suburban Exposure” that had featured poetry, drawings, rants and just a bunch of stuff we thought of. We all got suspended for handing them out at school. Another time we were supposed to have a popular local punk band play at the Park and Rec center with my then Misfits cover band, but it was canceled because someone complained of the “inappropriate” flyers we put up. What was so inappropriate to get our show canceled you might ask? “Fuck Tennis”. One of the flyers said “Fuck Tennis”. Show Canceled. We were oppressed, but we KNEW  we were oppressed, and we FOUGHT BACK. I hardly see young kids playing music at all nowadays. When I go into downtown Marblehead I see one kid walking around in 20 different bodys. EVERYONE LOOKS THE SAME. Back in my day we had punks, we had goths, we had metal heads, we had grungey kids, we had SKIN HEADS. Fuck If I saw a skin head in Marblehead today I would probably have about 10 heart attacks. The youth today has no culture nor does it really attempt to have any identity.  Their all cookie cutter clones. Two “looks” exist in Marblehead in the present age. One is the shaggy haired, baseball cap wearing skater look. The other is the preppy, rich kid look. In my day we didn’t concentrate on looking exactly alike. We wore what we wore and we were all into our own thing. We strived to build a scene. What do these kids do today? text, text, text and go online. Seriously.  I feel extremely fortunate to have just missed the whole internet boom. Yes, we had the internet in my day, but it was dial-up. It was unreliable and if you picked up the phone it would disconnect you. Nor did it have half the shit it has now. No facebook, no Myspace, no Youtube..  you get the point. Nor was it really common for every kid to have a cell phone. Hell, I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 18. Something like that is unthinkable to a 14 year old kid these days. So to all the youngsters, get off your computers, stop texting, TALK to each other and do something creative with yourselves. Don’t just waste your life texting and getting drunk at the beach. It’s sad to see how much things have changed… I swear it was a helluva lot different in my day….. and that was only 10 years ago.

The irony…? I am bitching about all of this on an online blog.

the end.

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One Response to IN MY DAY!

  1. Emma D says:

    It is so true… just looking at all my brothers friends. Except their passion is skateboarding.. some of them do have the drive to get out there and what not but others it truly is all about going to the beach and getting fucked up! Then of course posting all the pics to facebook…

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