Lollapalooza 2010… here i come.

It is now confirmed. I am going to Lollapalooza 2010 in Chicago, IL. Formally a traveling musical festival back in the 90’s, the annual event is now held every August at Grant Park, amongst a beautiful skyline of the city. Words can not express my excitement.. but I’ll try anyhow.

First, theres the headliners.

Green Day-  Obviously, this is huge for me. For those who do not know, Green Day basically got me into music. If I hadn’t found Green Day, I wouldn’t have found The Ramones, the Clash, the Sex Pistols, etc. The only tape I had owned before Green Day was a Boyz to Men tape I got at a garage sale. Keep in mind I was also 10. When Green Day came out with Basket Case, I can honestly say it changed my life. The video would come on MTV and I would be in my basement watching it with my sister, and we would “slam dance” and basically just go ape shit every time it came on. My brother bought a copy of Dookie, and that was that. From that point on I was forever in love with music. In middle school I sat at the “Green Day” table… anyone who did not like Green Day could not sit there. I bought a copy of 1039/Smoothed out Slappy Hours and Kerplunk and they were the Old Testament and New Testament to me. I knew that Billie Joe had written these songs not just about me, but FOR me. We were metaphysically linked. I have known Billie Joe telepathically all my life. When Green Day came out with American Idiot, I thought I was the Jesus of Suburbia, I was St. Jimmy. A suicide commando and Edgar Allen Poe. Up until that point, I had bought every Green Day release the DAY it came out. I remember going to the nearby Coconut’s after school to get “Warning”. I remember being in bed listening to the radio and hearing “Hitchin’ a Ride” before Insomniac came out. I remember all these moments vividly. I have only seen Green Day twice in my life. Once when I was 13, at WBCN’s River Rave. Nimrod has just come out. Tre’ lit his drums on fire at the end. The second time was at Warped Tour when I was 16. It was about 100 degree’s out and I had bought all these shirts. I had nowhere to put them so I wore them. Green Day came on and everyone rushed the stage. I started puking “blood” (it was actually fruit punch Jones’ soda, but everyone thought it was blood). I was hoisted up by this incredibly strong black guy and was brought back to the medical tent. It was quite the experience….

ANYWAY! more headliners…

the Strokes- When I was in High School, this girl I liked told me to download a song called “Last Night” by some band called the Strokes. I obliged, mostly to impress her, but honestly I was not too impressed with what I heard. Later on, I bought there debut album “Is this it?”. That made an impression. From the opening riff  I was hooked. These guys were different. Once in awhile a band has to come along and revive my faith in music, and the Strokes did that for me. I probably listened to that album more than any other album in high school. I have never seen the Strokes live, so to see them this year at Lollapalooza will just simply be amazing. CANT FUCKING WAIT!

Social Distortion-  Mike Ness was born in my hometown of Lynn, MA. Perhaps that is why I have always thought of him as a kindred spirit. I first heard Social D on WFNX late at night. They played Story Of My Life and I remember thinking “Wow this is awesome… I got to find out these guys are!”. Although admittedly in my lifetime I have only owned Social D’s self-titled album and “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”. They have a pretty lengthy discography and not all of it is awesome. I love their old stuff. This is another band that I probably should have seen in my lifetime yet for some reason or other never got to.

Devo- It took me awhile to appreciate Devo. Most people just equate Devo with “Whip-It”. Rightfully so. It was their only hit single. I will admit it right here and right now, I’m not HUGE into Devo… but what I like of them I like a lot. Songs like “Girl U Want”, “Mongoloid”, “The Day My Baby Gave Me A Suprise”  have been on virtually every epic playlist I’ve made in the past 5 years.

Soundgarden-  Eh. I owned a Soundgarden album back in Middle School. I think I listened to it twice. Black Hole Sun was a freaky video… They had a lot of hits….. so….. It’ll be cool…  I guess.

Lady Gaga-…… lady WHO?

MGMT-  One of the newer bands I’ve grown to like. Not love. But I do like them. When they came out a few years they were  this very unique psychedelic electro-pop band with punk attitude. Songs like “Kids”, “Time To Pretend” and “Electric Feel” were all heavily played on WFNX and I’m guessing every other alternative rock station across the country. They were also featured in a lot of commercials. I’m really starting to hate this new fad of indie bands breaking through to the mainstream via commercials. Anyway, MGMT has recently taken a more Syd Barrett-esque approach to their music, with more guitars, more “real” instruments I guess you could say. When I saw them on SNL this past winter they seemed to be a completely different band. Their latest singles “Brian Eno” and “Flash Delirium” didn’t really seem to catch on as there other stuff, but I like just the same. Really excited to see these guys live.

Against Me!- Another one of my all-time favorite bands. I went to see Against Me! in Rhode Island a few years ago with my girlfriend and a few of my friends. It was basically a nightmare. I was smoking crack the whole way there and we didn’t get any alcohol and the time we got there I was geeked out and miserable. Poor planning, bad vibes and negative energy turned this trip into an awful experience. Which is too bad, because I love Against Me. Hopefully this time around it will go a whole lot smoother…..

Blues Traveller-  …..are you fucking serious? How the fuck did Blues Traveller get on the bill?? They haven’t been relevant in like 15 years.

Jimmy Cliff- Oh hell yes. I know like 2 songs of his but I wan’t to be there when 1000 people all light up joints and groove out to Sitting In Limbo.

OK. so those are the bands that I love or at least like and that are playing Lollapalooza. So what about the other 100 or so bands that are playing? Well, most of them I hadn’t heard, some of them I have. Here’s the bands that are playing that I either don’t know too much about or don’t really care for.

Spoon-  Their not bad. I’m really sick that song “Underdog” though. I’ve heard a few of there songs and there kinda catchy. I guess there just not really my thing though, I’ll probably skip there set.

Phoenix- They do that song that is on every commercial ever. You would know it if you heard it. They also do that song Like a Rhi Like a Rhi-no… Not Easily Offended…. blah blah blah. Annoying. Their from France. I will definitely be skipping these guys.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnectic Zero’s-  If you haven’t heard their song “Home” then you’re probably deaf or from Utah. This song is EVERYWHERE. My girlfriend also happens to be obsessed with it, so I’m guessing that i will DEFINITELY be seeing these guys.

Mumford and Sons-  They do that song “Little Lion Man”. It’s all over FNX. Meh.

Gogol Bordello- The lead singer was the inspiration for the character “Eugene” in the movie WRISTCUTTERS. They play what they call “Gyspie Punk”. They’re kind of weird, but kind of cool. I may check these guys out.

Arcade Fire- No Thanks.

Metric-  Canadian Indie Rock. I have only heard 2 songs by Metric, but I LOVE both. “Help I’m alive” is a great tune. I love the lead singers voice. I will most certainly be seeing these guys.

So I downloaded a bunch of songs for my Lollapalooza 2010 playlist. I wanted to hear at least 2 songs by every band that’s playing. Most of the bands I wasn’t too impressed with or haven’t got a chance to listen to. One band, however, I listened too and fell in love with. I immediately downloaded everything I could find by them and looked up any information I could get by them…. they are called Wavves.

Wavves is basically one guy and his drummer. They play weird, very lo-fi surf/punk songs. They are hard to describe. Some might have difficulty listening to some of their songs because some songs are extremely lo-fi. They are from California and their myspace has a drawing of a cat smoking a joint. They are just a very quirky, cool California band doing their own thing. Very unique. I must recommend these guys. They are an acquired taste. I will DEFINITELY be checking out there set at Lollapalooza.

So thats my Lollapalooza 2010 run down. This will my first “real” music festival. I mean, one that is more than just a day long. Just under 3 weeks and counting. WOOWEE!!

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