but people make me sicker.

Wow… tonight was a fucking nightmare. Stars Above played at All Asia in Cambridge tonight. Ian filled in on bass after like 3 half assed practices, although he actually wasn’t the problem. The problem is that whoever books these shows at All Asia doesn’t know how to put literally 10 seconds of fucking thought behind it. This is the 2nd show I’ve played there in 6 months and both times there has been a horrible mesh of different types of acts. The first show we played there back in November, I get it, it was a pay-to-play scam run by some less-than-reputapable company called Afton. We played with some suburban white nerds, an overweight black girl who wanted to be Jennifer Hudson or something, and some sensitive guy with an acoustic. UGH! It was AWFUL. Tonight’s show was definitely not AS bad, but was right up there. When we first got there a band called the Local Skank was playing. They were a mostly female neo-ska/pop band that basically sounded like Save Ferris/old No Doubt. Interestingly enough there audience was mostly old yuppies. It was like the audience changed about every 45 minutes. I watched some there set, the Local Skanks, and it wasnt that bad. Some of the songs were catchy. I thought “Hey, this show might not be so bad…”.     Then the Rolling Tide came in. Yes. That was there name. The Rolling Tide. On there Facebook they actually have a picture of a wave. I think they’re from Cape Cod…. Anyway, WOW! What a bunch of SHIT FUCK..   Picture a bunch of rich, white, 20 something douche bags who love “jam bands” and just “mellowing out on the beach”. Picture these douche bags with instruments and a lot of effects pedals. Picture aforementioned douche bags playing a horrible mix of crappy funk and Dave Matthews/Jack Johnson type shit. Seriously painful..    Although I gotta hand it to the bass player, he WAS willing to let Ian borrow his bass amp, that was until we became brutally aware of the…… DUN DUN DUN….. HIPSTERS! Yes. The hipsters, who couldn’t just be nice and let us go on, the hipsters who were sipping PBR’s off in the corner all night, undoubtedly discussing swooping bangs or the new Mars Volta album or how maybe they should grow some ironic mustaches. Basically the situation was Ian did not have a bass amp, and these hipsters were set to go on after the Rolling Tide, who told us we could use there bass amp but that they were going to be leaving soon… BUT, the hipsters band (Monsters With Candy) were “scheduled” next and were unwilling to swap times with us. We were willing to cut our set to 20 minutes just to get on the stage and get the fucking thing over with. We explained all of this to the king hipster (the singer…who had the stupidest most hipster hair-cut I’ve ever seen, not to mention pointy toed leather boots) and he basically told us to go fuck ourselves. At that point, I was weighing out my options. Should I play the show?… or should I say fuck it and just punch this kid right in his fucking faggot face and get thrown out? I decided to take the higher route…

So they got on, just a guitar player and drummer (the guitar player had just about 50 effects pedals). They played there boring, predictable, monotonously shitty droning music for about 40 minutes to all of there hipster friends who seemed to just come out of nowhere (the audience had shifted again at that point). So…. we endure them, we FINALLY get to go on. …Yay! right? No…

By the time we got up there on stage, set up and was ready to go, there was maybe 20 people in the room. Which isn’t a big deal, I’ve played to smaller crowds. It just pissed me off that not ONE of these hipster assholes stuck around. Even some of the old yuppie moms who came for Local Skank or even Rolling Tide stuck around till’ the end! Anyway, from the first chord I knew we were doomed. I don’t know. I just sensed it. I was not feeling it. I couldn’t hear my vocals for shit, which is just about the most frustrating thing for any singer playing live. We made it through about 5 songs and my fucking D string promptly breaks. I stop to go get my “back up guitar”, my other piece of shit guitar, and about a measure into the next song I realize that my pick ups were loose and were pressing up against the strings so that when I strummed it created this awful piercing metallic sound. So we stopped. I check out the situation, thought I fixed it, start the song again then BAM it happens once more about 2 measures in. At this point it’s just embarrassing, I’m humiliated. After that we basically just unplugged our instruments and got the fuck outta there…. and that was my night.

Now this week I got to train a NEW  bass player, with WAY less experience.. AND I have to do it by THIS SATURDAY… Yes. We have another show this Saturday…..   FML.    I am really starting to ask myself if music is the right path I want to take. Really.


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