more Pebbles.

So I’ve already established that I am completely obsessed with the Pebbles compilations. Well I believe I have discovered the best of the series. “Pebbles 8: Southern California 1” is one of the most solid, all around killer no filler installments of the Pebbles series. As usual, most of the bands featured were unfamiliar to me except for The Avengers who do one of my favorite garage rock songs of all time, “Be A Caveman”. The comp opens up with the hushed, rolling part spoken-word part protest song “S.O.S.” by Terry Randall, a song that was supposedly inspired by the Sunset Strip riots of the 1960’s. Other stand outs include the highly sought “I Never Loved Her” by The Starfires. Original copies of the EP can go upwards of about 1,000 dollars on E-bay. There’s also a great hard-hitting rocker called “She Needs Me” by The Grains Of Sand. Pebbles frequenters The Dover’s also make an appearance on this one with there song “Shes Not Just Anybody”, a great psychedelic garage nugget. Overall, a great collection of SoCal’s finest (and forgotten) garage rock of the 1960’s, at a time when garage and psychedelia was in full force with bands like Love, Jefferson Airplane, the Flamin’ Groovies, the Grateful Dead, The Seeds, Moby Grape and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

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