So things are both coming together and at the same time extremely disorganized with my band, Stars Above. I started this band back in November because I got offered to play a show and I needed to form a quick band that could play my songs, but now it’s become a real band with a distinct sound. We recently kicked out our bass player. Too much ego and not enough talent, too put it quite simply. Luckily my extremely talented cousin Ian has stepped into to temporarily take over bass duties. Me and Ian have been playing music together since I was 15 and he was 16. So just about 10 years. We practiced today and within about an hour he sounded like he’s been in the band since the start. At the same time, I’m trying to train my friend Zack into being a bass player. He has promise, but still needs tons of work. I’ve made it my mission in life to teach this kid to play bass, and to actually buy a bass. He’s one of these kids who has always wanted to be in a band but never got a chance or never really wanted it enough to get up and learn an instrument and actually START a band. Anyway, he’s a good kid and I really want things to work out with him. Actually, I really wanted things to work out with our old bass player, but its at the point where its basically unfixable, and in my heart of hearts I know it would be a mistake.

So there are some new bands I’ve been getting into. One of those being the Fugs. I was watching that Cohen brothers movie “Burn After Reading” and they played this really crazy song at the end called “CIA man”. A couple of days later I was reading about the Fugs and decided to download there first album. Sure enough The Fugs were responsible for the aforementioned song. Very interesting stuff. There songs range from Velvety rock ‘n roll tunes to joke songs about boobs. My personal favorite is the song “Slum Goddess”. Definitely worth a download, or  a Youtube search.

Another album I just recently downloaded is the The Networks’ “Money Money 2020”. I sort of became disenfranchised with Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of my favorite band Green Day after American Idiot. He started wearing mascara and got an emo hair-cut, and started all these side projects, one which I knew, Foxboro Hot-tubs. Foxboro’s sound is kind of like garage rock revival, sort of Exploding Hearts meets….well, Green Day. Another one of these side projects that I failed to hear about was The Network.  OH !! ERIC PATERSON… 2 HOMERS FOR BOSTON…    sorry, I’m watching a Red Sox game.

Wikipedia refers to The Network as a “new-wave” band. I guess that sort of describes the sound. It basically sounds like Green Day got a hold of some drum machines and synthesizers. The weird thing is they apparently denied being involved in the Network at all. Billie Joe actually released some statement saying

I just wanted to talk about the rumors and the bullshit that has been going on lately. All I gotta say is fuck The Network. These guys are totally spreading rumors. I try to do those guys a favour by bringing them to this country and putting out their record and this is how I get repaid, by talking shit about my band. Unfortunately there is a contract and I have to put out their record. The only thing I can say is Fuck you, Network. Bring it on. Billie Joe Armstrong

Obviously it was just a big elaborate hoax. Billie Joe’s voice can clearly be heard in most of these songs. Wikipedia also says they are a 6-piece band. So its most likely also Jason White from Pinhead Gunpowder and probably some other Bay-area musicians.

Anyway, I listened to the album and I was strangely drawn in by it. It’s a bit Devo-ish, and its new-wave in a kind of Joy Division gone pop-punk  way. It’s also got this sort of apocalyptic feel to it. Also they cover one of my favorite Misfits songs, “Teenagers from Mars”. There’s also some retarded songs like  “Spike” which is mostly this spoken-word thing  in which (im presuming) Billie Joe pretends to be a young homeless kid calling his drug dealer. Maybe not worth a listen unless you’re truly a Green Day die-hard.

Well thats it for now. I’m gonna go listen to Blue Cheer and try to hear what apparently everyone else hears but me. Take care and take warning.

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