Emo is a strange, elusive term. The name itself has been rejected by those who are credited with starting it. So what the heck is emo anyway? Well theres a great website that explains everything, because I’m not going to. That website is http://www.fourfa.com/.  CHECK IT OUT. It’s pretty informative, but they don’t mention a lot of the bands that I think influenced emo. They basically focus on the early, more obscure stuff, like City Of Caterpillar and Still Life.

They failed to mention bands like Cap’n Jazz, Small Brown Bike, I hate myself…  I would consider all those bands ’emo’. What I would NOT consider emo is what the average music listener would consider emo. Like My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy. That’s not emo, that’s just having a hair-cut and following a fucking trend. Emo is a bastardized term that is used way too loosely. People look at me funny when I say I like emo. They either have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about or assume I love Dashboard Confessional and Panic! At The FUckin Disco. Although I did for a time like Dashboard. IN HIGH SCHOOL…   Anyway. Jawbreaker for example are considered emo but in no way sound like Story Of The Year, the latter being considered ’emo’ by todays standards. Jawbreaker are I guess what you could call classic emo. One of the many bands that helped shape and define emo. Then theres I hate Myself, which started “screamo”. Then theres emo-core… It’s really just a mess. Bands that have completely different styles are both considered emo. Like Cap’n Jazz is emo, but so is New Found Glory. Totally different sounds. Weezer is also somehow vaguely emo. Ugh.. Anyway.. just wanted to say a few things about emo because I’m bored. …..perhaps I’ll discuss this topic in further detail at a later time, I’m falling asleep………zzzzzzz…..

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