I only listen to obscure 60’s garage. Everything else sounds dishonest and contrived.

The above statement is partially true. In todays world music is dominated by slick sounding post-alternative crap bands like Nickelback and (insert shitty top 40 band here). Their really hasnt been a splash in the music industry for quite some time. I’d say the last band to stir things up were the Strokes, but that was almost 10 years ago. When I was a youngster, my dad would play his “Nuggets” compilation albums. Bands like Strawberry Alarm Clock, Chocolate Watch Band, Hermans Hermits, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and the Count Five were all heavily featured on this compilations. Needless to say I loved listening to these albums, although usually I only heard them on the way to my therapists’ office, since the only time I’d see my dad is when he would take me there. Yeah, I was a messed up kid. I used to think I was the shit for knowing these bands that I’d hear on Nuggets.  It wasn’t untill about 10 years later that I would discover the highly superior, yet way  more obscure “Pebbles” compilations. Pebbles is a great name for these comps, because these songs ARE  “pebbles” compared to “Nuggets”. “Nuggets” featured semi-obscure bands, but they all had hits at one point in there careers. All the bands on Nuggets, at one point in time, were played on the radio in the 1960’s.  Not the case with the Pebbles comps. All the bands featured were either regional success stories,  complete flops, or completely unknown. Weird sounding bands, like The Aardvarks, the Furniture, The Shy Guys.. you get the picture. These bands are usually credited as being a precursor to punk rock. They played like they wanted to be the Beatles or the Stones, but lacked the ability to do so, often resulting in a crude, poorly produced raw garage sound. Songs like “Green Fuz” by Randy Alvey and the Green Fuz and “Frustration” by the Mystic Tide are quintessential. Both of those songs I think are on Youtube, so go check em out right now. Most of the bands on the Pebbles compilations were also really young, as evidenced by songs like “Be a Caveman” by Avengers. With lyrics like “You got a treat a woman rough, you gotta treat a woman tough, be a caveman, keep her line!…You gotta show a woman who wears the pants if you want her to stick by you, You can have her eating out of your hands, heres what you got to do….”. I’ve noticed there was a shockingly high amount of sexism by these bands. I always thought of the 1960’s as a very clean cut era where bands did not swear or sing about nasty stuff, but was proved wrong where I heard “Beaver Patrol” by the Wild Knights. I wont say anymore, as the title says it all. A lot of sexual frustration was sung about, like “Gotta Get Some” by The Bold. “Sittin here in class waitin for time to pass yea eyein some girl getting mad at the world…” and “1-2-5” by The Haunted, which is about picking up a prostitute. I can’t really say enough good things about these compilations. Since I’ve started listening to them I have found difficulty in appreciating new music. This music sounds pure, new, raw, wonderful. New music sounds contrived, boring, predictable, soul-less. I say we need a return to our roots. Lets bring back bands going into the studio, recording there song live on one mic, a quick mix then put it on vinyl. That’s how it should be. Not spending hours trying to produce a polished, effects-ridden turd of a song in an expensive recording studio. Bands need to go back to the basement. Back to the garage!

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