the third of July

July 3rd

by JM


the third of july

act’s like it’s beautiful

but it’s a lie

the day is as lifeless

as the day before

and brings the same

dull ache

the same void

of head splitting consciousness


nothing looks alluring

when you’ve watched the nights pass by

and the suns rise

for a week


and the third day of July

is here and I am a quarter century


and already the black hair

on my head has grayed

and the time

show’s under my eyes

like rings on an old tree


we wait through horrid winters

to feel the relief

of the summer sun


we pretend this will bring us happiness.

if nothing else

if not God

if not Drugs

if not Sex


the third day of July brings only

heat and humidity

a monotone humming

of power lines

and the heavy feeling

of being uncomfortable.

a dreadful haze

coming in through the window

the sound of police sirens

it flood’s my apartment

louder now are

the arguing of Spanish couples

more fierce

something about the heat

dogs are more angry.


girls wear their dresses

and strut down the board walk

like human prey

of lusting primal minds of man


here it is, the third of July.

it’s all just about routine now.


the drunkard drinks

the junkie withdraws

the kids have sex and

smoke weed at the beach


a stabbing, a shooting

a terrifying mess

I try to avoid it all

like the undead avoids

the day


flags wave in the air

we  show our fair weathered pride

for a country that is crumbling


like the heart’s of our youth.

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been playing “the writer” again

some new poems.

it’s only taken 3 years.

MBTA blues

by JM

nothing is more satisfying

than the clicking sound

of this zippo lighter


and smoking the



of the day.

i breathe out a sigh and look

at the sky

who will wash away my happiness today?

the beggar who asked for a cigarette

with one lit in his mouth

at the stop

or the bus who’s air conditioner

confronted us with our


and leaked fluid on all the seats

on the right side

left exhausted clouds

on the first hot day of the year



by JM

my friend is a burden

the burden is a hole in my heart

a friend is a head ache

a leech on the crown

of the brain

my friend

never calls

a friend

will let you down

shine or rain
simple and plain.

tied to you by chance

and circumstance

though it would be lovely

to pick them like cherries

from a tree

tiresome is my friend

stale and empty

a gimmick

an obsolete trend

the air I breathe

I hold it in



won’t feed

a friend

in need

the cruelty of 21st century technology.

by JM

i can see you

when i should not be able too

you insult me

with every new boyfriend

what kind of cruelty

has man unleashed on itself?

that he can watch

the woman he once loved

from a screen

far away

and pine

and wonder

where they are in the real world

out there in the night

laying down the same kind of love

like brick

on a new foundation

oh but it can only be new for so long

i wish

that it will quickly fall

so you may see to the ruins

you’ve made


oh won’t you come rebuild me?

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I might be related to Benjamin Franklin

I’ve always been fascinated with my ancestry. I don’t know much about the Morrill’s, I know that we came here in 1632 in a ship that followed the Mayflower.

Oh my god…. Best Coast was just in a Pay-less commercial….

Anyway. I did a Wikipedia search for “Morrill”. I was shocked to find that 9 out of the 14 notable “Morrills” were from New England. They are as follows:

Anson P. Morrill– Governor of Maine and U.S. Congressman
David L. Morril Governor of New Hampshire and U.S. Senator
John Morrill– Baseballl player for Boston Beaneaters
Justin Smith Morrill– U.S. Senator from Vermont
Lot M. Morrill- Governor of Maine, U.S. Senator
Mary Morrill- early Nantucket Settler, (grandmother of Benjamin Franklin!)
Samuel P. Morrill– U.S. Congressman from Maine
Amos Morrill– United States Federal Judge, born in Salisbury Massachusetts.
Walter Goodale Morrill– Medal of Honor Recipitent, born in Williamsburg, Maine.
that accounts for MOST of the Morrill’s that turned up in the search… all w/ roots in New England.
I was really surprised by the Mary Morrill one. Grandmother of Benjamin Franklin? Roots in NANTUCKET?? Governors, Senators, recipients of the Medal of Honor? All from either Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I’d love to dig deeper into this subject someday.
Also, I recently learned that the “M” in “B&M Baked Beans” stands for “Morrill”.
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awkward weirdo roaming around society

It’s been a long time since my last post. As always with every online journal I start, the idea starts to seem to self-absorbed and self-indulgent and I hate the words that I write so I just stop altogether. It’s kind of like my attitude towards life. If anything starts to go well, I have to analyze the life out of it.

I’m going into the studio with Stars Above on March 29th. We’re recording with Tom Hamilton, a producer who’s recorded such bands as the Lemonheads and Jerry’s Kids. This wouldn’t be happening though if it wasn’t for Bob Cenci, ex-guitarist for Jerry’s Kids and now lead singer/guitarist of Battle Green.

As fate would have it, we did end up doing the With A Bullet E.P. release show, although the actual E.P. release was delayed. It was still a great show nonetheless. It was at the Rosebud Bar, which is secretly behind the Rosebud Diner in Somerville. It was us (Stars Above), With A Bullet, The Spoilers, and Buried In Leather. It made me realize that Stars need to start playing better shows. These Tuesday night All Asia shows aren’t helping anyone. We did play a Friday night show at Dodge St. Bar in Salem that had a good turn out, but the owner Frank is such an asshole dip-shit that we vow to never play there again. Not only was he extremely disrespectful to us when we were on stage (which I didn’t really find out about until I heard the recordings Bob took of the show), he completely snubbed us on payment. I am so sick of wasting my time, money, and effort at playing these clubs, when we’re the ones bringing in the clientele, we’re the ones bringing the money spent of booze, food, cover charge, etc… and we don’t see a DIME of that? Not even free booze? FUCK THAT. That is amateur shit and I’ve been doing this too fucking long to tolerate that shit. At least at the Rosebud we got payed SOMETHING and a free pitcher of booze for the band. That’s how it should be done.

Anyway, we don’t have ANY show’s booked right now, for the first time in a year. We’re focusing on tightening up the songs for the E.P. We have some tentative dates and some shows we might play at T.T.s, the Midway, and some other ones, but nothing is definite.

In other news all I can hear is Johnny Rotten screaming NOO FUTURE in my head. That’s basically how I feel. I’m 25, no job, no prospects, no future. I have my band, I have my girlfriend, I have my cat, and I have a small number of true friends that I could probably count on half a hand. Other than that, I don’t have shit. Am I complaining? No. Am I worried about my future? Hell Yes. I don’t want to be a burn out musician still playing Dodge St. for free when I’m 50 years old. That scares the shit out of me. I also don’t want to be stuck at an entry level position at some local Wal-Mart for the rest of my life either. There seems to be no viable way to get from point A. to point B. You cross so many lines in life you finally get to the point where the trail back is too long and unsure, so you just keep going down that path. The further you go, the more impossible it is to get back.

The sad truth is I’m a neurotic fool who can’t appreciate anything, has no ambition/motivation, thinks life owes him something and has a bad attitude towards everything.

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So I’ve writing mostly for my new zine. Killzine (just click the facebook box that comes up). Issue 1 has been released and issue 2 is about to go public. the cover look likes this 

the zine has covered Stars Above (my band), With A Bullet, Four Point Restraints, Boxing Water, and issue 2 has some articles about Power-Pop, KLDD, and a buncha other stuff.

Also, Stars Above got a review in The Music Box. click that to see it.

we’re playing this Friday at All Asia at 8 PM sharp.


soo….other than that, my phone got turned off, my new Safelink Wireless phone is useless, and I’m  still an unemployed loser wasting my time on pipe dreams like trying to make MONEY on making music, or writing.


fook my life

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today is the day.

First of all, I’d just like to say that I really, really wish the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros WOULD GO THE FUCK AWAY!!! RELEASE SOMETHING ELSE!  CRIKEY!


so anyway, today is the day.

today is a pivotal day.

today is the day I see Guided By Voices……LIVE. TONIGHT. AT THE PARADISE.

The only downside…   I’ve been sick, as in SICK, really sick, the past 3-4 days. Today I feel a little better. Still coughing, still got the runny nose… but I feel an energy pulsing through my being. I have never seen Guided By Voices. In fact, at one point in my life, i HATED Guided By Voices. It wasn’t until I heard the song “Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory” that I fell in love with them. After that it was all over. Guided by Voices has a VERY extensive discography, but I’ve managed to learn basically all of it. So to kick things off I’m going to do a Top Ten. It wont be easy, like I said, they have SO many songs, and so many good songs, that it’s really hard to chose….. but, I will try.

My Top Ten Favorite GBV Songs of All Time (in no particular order)

1. “Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory” Album: Bee Thousand.

This is an obvious pick. Not only is it one of there most haunting, spine-tingling songs but it was the first song that turned me on to GBV. For a song thats only 1:40 seconds long, it sure leaves a long lasting impact. It starts off with a standard open tuning GBV riff, and then Pollards hypnotic, ultra-trebley vocals kick in, and you’re like…. oh my god this is good! Then all of the sudden the song seems to explode, with Pollard belting out lines about a girl who “runs through the night as if nobody cares”. A great example of how Pollard uses poetry as lyrics for indie-rock tunes. Just an unbelievable brilliant song by an even more unbelievable brilliant band. A+

2. “King And Caroline” – Album: Alien Lanes

A lot of my friends don’t seem to really like this song, and I don’t understand why. The lyrics cut out in the beginning, and the cheapness of the recording quality really stands out on this one. Plus, Pollard sings out of  key a few times, but it works, in only the way it could work with Robert Pollard. What I love most about this song is the bass line. The song itself seems almost on the brink of collapse the whole time, but the bass glues it all together. Pollard’s vocals are inspired and emotional. I can help but sense some great melancholy in his voice on this song, like the lyrics almost hurt him to sing them. Great, great tune. Another short one, finishing at 1:36 minutes.

3. “Weed King” Album: Propeller

How can I describe this song…   well, for one, it is quite haunting. I know I use that word too often, but its true. It also has one of the best climaxes to any song ever. Pollards vocals are on ultra reverb. The first minute you listen to this song, you wanna put a lighter up in the air and sway. It’s dark, but it’s mellow. Then it takes this turn, a few words about lemonade and freedom cake, and all of the sudden there’s this release of rock n’ roll catharsis. Dark,  brooding, catchy as hell, that’s what GBV is all about, and at 2:39, this one could be considered pretty long by GBV standards. All hail rock-a-thon.

4. “Club Molluska” Album: Same Place the Fly Got Smashed.

I first heard this song at my cousins house. He put on this documentary about GBV called “Watch Me Jumpstart”. I was just starting to come around about GBV. The movie starts out with a car driving around Ohio. This song is playing in the back-round. It was almost a spiritual moment in my life. It really captured the dreariness and the gray concrete drabness of living in the Midwest.  Anyway, the song is really short, at 1:35 minutes, but its power is beyond space and time. You can’t even really tell if you’re hearing a guitar or a really low-tuned fuzzy bass. Two chords. The song opens with Pollard asking “Have you seen that girl? With the blood shot eyes? with the razor sharp teeth? and the hungry smile?”. In the documentary, the camera angle is from the hood of the car. You don’t see anybody. You just see a run away world.

5. “Chicken Blows” Album: Alien Lanes

Pollard sounds like he’s underwater. Like most of my favorite GBV songs, the song is depressing, and sounds like it’s about being middle aged and miserable. With a little cleaning up, this song sounds like it could have been a hit in the 60’s.  With the “La La La” back ups, it’s almost like indie doo-wop. My favorite line:  “I’m not here…. to drink all your beer” Classic Pollard.

6. “Indian Was An Angel” Album: King Shit and the Golden Boys

This nostalgia-pop song is sort of an obscure one by GBV, its not on any of there “popular” records, like Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes, Propeller, etc. This song makes me want to cry. The sadness in Pollards voice. “She says nothing to take the pain away” <—I love that fucking line. Anyway it’s an acoustic one, with a little bass in there for good measure. This one became an instant favorite when I first heard it, which was when I was in a GBV downloading frenzy. I almost named by band Little Star after the line in this song, “Little star went rolling up the hill… asked me to come and dance I said I will”.

7 “Liars Tale” Album: Self-INflicted Aeriel Nostalgia

The tremolo guitar. It reminds me of “Crimson And Clover”. This song is just a simple guitar riff, tremolo’d to the max. With a few snare hits now and then for good measure. Pollard tells us a story, about the way ‘she’ was. Apparently she was a bitch, who left him. This song is just simply amazing, conclusive and based on fact. Also I think this if the first  of the many songs that Pollard sings the words “I don’t really care anymore”.

8. “If We Wait” Album: Sunfish Holy Breakfast

Wow. Robert Pollard has so many different voices. All of them amazing. Something in this song is just so depressing. The song starts off with Pollard telling us “Theres some food up on the table, boys….and if you ever seen me flying. Then you know that I am weak. and you are free to take me down stairs away from cares.” This is why Pollard is the Shakespeare of indie rock. His words are so effective. The song then kicks in with drums and super treble acoustic guitars. Pollard then asks us “If you could be anything that you want to be, would you be what you see in the mirror?  Hm. Then, like he does in a lot of songs, he sings “Oh… I dont care anymore”  Which like I said, is a recurring line in his songs. The ending of this song also rocks. Hard.

9. “Mincer Ray” Album: Bee Thousand

I had to include a  Tobin Sprout song in this list. Tobin had a bunch of awesome tunes in GBV (awful bliss, a good flying bird, gleemer, etc) but thats not the ONLY reason I’m including this song.  It’s just a great song. Quintessential dreary, fuzzy, melancholy GBV. Pollard is to Tobin like John Lennon is to Paul Macartney. Both wrote good songs, Pollard just wrote a whole lot more. Tobin’s are more whimsical, while Pollards are more dark. Mincer Ray is probably Tobin’s most dark piece. Though I have no idea what a Mincer Ray is, it sounds cool.

10.”Lonely Town” -Album: Suitcase 2

How this never ended up on an LP is BEYOND ME. This song RULES. First of all, Pollard sings in a very Elvis-like manner, which is very different for him, but it works. Plus the guitar lead is probably the most simplistic yet catchy lead I’ve ever heard. The song paints a picture in my mind of a very desolate one horse town where nothing happens (something I can relate too… I DID live in Marblehead). Anyway, Lonely Town is THEE best GBV song never to be released on an official album. How it never made the cut is beyond me. Great song, Great hook, Great band!


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i’m too lazy to write, so i’ll tell my story with pictures. this is stuff thats been happening. faces that have been seen. shows that have been played. 

thats me in Salem.

this is a Ferris Wheel in downtown Salem.

these are tickets to see GBV. Yes. I’m going. Yes. I know. I know.

this is me and Henry… on Henry’s 3rd Birthday Oct. 22nd! Aww I love him. look at him.

a lunch I made.

Pure Impact Reunion @ the Joe Zippo Benefit show. Unbelievable experience. I saw faces I hadn’t seen in years. Totally awesome turn out, people were going nuts, singing along… I wasn’t even aware that so many people knew the words!

Stars Above was also there to play our 90’s influenced alternative punk power-pop indie emo-fi.

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